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Exhibition Hall Th. Stamos

It operates continuously since 1984 and it is in a key position in the Old Town . It is 85m2 and it is dedicated to the great Lefkadian expressionist painter Theodoros Stamos ( Address: Skiadaresi 1 str , 31100 Lefkada, tel: 2645021465)

It hosts painting-sculpture-engraving prints and photo-cartoon-etc gravure solo and group exhibitions in collaboration with individuals and organizations ( national or not).

It is worth mentioning the painting exhibition of the great artist Theodoros Stamos alive and retrospective after his death, in collaboration with the National Gallery of Athens.

Every August the Hall presents group exhibitions of Lefkadian and other Greek artists under the SPEECH AND ART EVENTS of Lefkada. Also every May the Hall presents the Paneptanisiakes exhibitions held on the anniversary of the incorporation of the Ionian Islands with Greece.

Exhibitions have also been held in partnership with:

1) National Gallery
2) Graduate School of Fine Arts
3) Chamber of Fine Arts

If an artist wishes to illustrate his/her work in the hall “Th.Stamos” he/she has to submit at the Cultural Center (Address: Ang.Sikelianou and Svoronou 1 Tel: 2645026635 and Fax: 2645026715) a written application. The Art Curator will decide on the application in collaboration with the person concerned. The artist does not incur costs for the exhibition except for the cost of the transportation or the catalogue of the works.

Also the artist is required at the end of the exhibition to offer a project of his choice, for the enrichment of the Municipal Art Gallery.

  • Address: Skidaresi 1, Lefkada, 31100, Greece

  • Tel.: 2645021465

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