The Cultural Center is a Public entity, established under Mayor Apostolos Fatouros, The purpose of the Cultural Center is the rise of intellectual and cultural level of the inhabitants of Lefkada, cultivation, encouragement and development of any form of intellectual, cultural and artistic activity of the people of the region, aiding research in the fields of scientific knowledge, art, literature and culture in general, the preservation of tradition and cultural heritage and the promotion of peace among people.

Since 1979 the Cultural Center has had the responsibility for the cultural life, plans and conducts every year the “Speech and Art Events”-implemented in Lefkada since 1955 and the annual International Folklore Festival of Lefkada-since 1962.

To achieve its objectives it also organizes scientific meetings (conferences, symposia, seminars, lectures, honorary tributes), covering all areas of spiritual, scientific, cultural, artistic and social interest of modern man. It organizes various cultural and artistic events: concerts, theater, dance and visual arts events often in collaboration with other cultural institutions, associations or individuals. Many of these activities are aimed at children or adolescents.

The Cultural Center has taken over the operation, care and continuous enrichment of Charamogleios Special Lefkadian Library and the library of Nikos Svoronos. Itcreated and operates the Lefkadian Gallery and the Exhibition Hall of “Theodoros Stamos. It founded two Theatre Workshops: child-youth and adults. It sponsored awards for writing studies of local interest. It created the Museum of Mementos of the International Folklore Festival. It organizes entertainment events throughout the year, especially musical evenings, while the period of Carnival organizes and coordinates the events of the Lefkadian Carnival. It embraces every intellectual, artistic, cultural initiative.

For the effective implementation of its objectives, the Cultural Center collaborates with government agencies, universities, organizations, foundations, institutes, scientific and cultural institutions, particularly the cultural associations of Lefkada, respecting their organizational autonomy and supporting them materially and morally.

The Cultural Center is run by a 15-member Board of Directors, chaired by the Mayor. The composition and cooperation of members demonstrates a temporal highly valued cultural and laborious task.