The Library of Nikos Svoronos is “the end of the journey” for the great Lefkadian thinker and teacher of historical science. His historic work with the international recognition is now in his hometown and is an attraction for scholars and history buffs.

The Library of Nikos Svoronos was granted by his heirs to the Municipality of Lefkada due to the origin and fondness of Nikos Svoronos in his hometown.

The library

The library hall is on the first floor of a newly constructed building on the square chip of the old city, a few meters from the shopping and busy street. The same floor also houses the Haramoglios Special Library of Lefkada.

The Collection of Books and Archives of Nikos Svoronos

The majority of books and files of the Collection of Nikos Svoronos had remained in France even after his return to Greece in the early years of the new regime. It seems that with his return to Greece Nikos Svoronos carried only the most necessary books for his scientific work and in these added a number of new securities by purchase or donation. The list of books in France includes approximately 3004 titles and the list of books in Greece comprises approximately 1581 titles.

Today all the books have been placed in the Library. In France remained a number of rare books which , precisely because of their rarity , the French authorities did not permit their export