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pigasos-smallWelcome to the official page of the Cultural Center of the Municipality of Lefkada.


The Cultural Center focuses on different activities :



  • Organizes various artistic events throughout the year: exhibitions, concerts, theatrical performances, lectures, symposiums, forums, discussions etc along with other cultural and educational institutions.
  • It is also the organizer of two historical events : the Speech and Art Events and the International Folklore Festival.
  • Promotes all kinds of art and research in the local society as well as the rest of the Greek region.
  • Operates two amateur theatrical workshops for children and adults.
  • Organizes entertaining events and dance nights during the period of the Lefkadian Carnival.
  • Cultivates bonds of friendship and cooperation through cultural exchanges with nations of the world.
  • Publishes books, catalogues, albums.
  • Cooperates with Public Bodies, Universities, organizations, Institutes and Scientific Associations in Greece and abroad.
  • Manages the Museum of Mementos from the Lefkas International Folklore Festival.
  • Operates the Lefkadian Gallery as well as two local libraries.
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